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Just 18+ Teens

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Hot yoga just got a lot hotter with these 4 hotties who are best friends. They are headed into a hot yoga session with their instructor who asks why there is a cameraman with them. They inform the yoga master that he is just there to film and take some glamour shots of them doing hot yoga. The class begins and these 4 girls are in very sexy yoga pants, ones that look really good when a hot girl is wearing them and bending over. The camera is picking all of this up when one of the girls pulls one of the other girl�s pants down and starts kissing her perfectly round ass. The instructor starts protesting and asking the girls to stay focused on the class. They get back to doing poses, but eventually, one of them starts to notice Josh the cameraman is getting hot watching this action. So she starts to suck his dick. This attracts the other 3 girls over to also start sharing his cock. The lucky guy can say 4 women took turns sucking his dick and he has video evidence to support that this really happened. The yoga instructor is now furious with them for making a sexual mockery of yoga. They tell him he�s just jealous and needs to loosen up. Then they start seducing him too. His yoga might and will are broken by hot asses and tits. The yoga instructor and Josh both get fucked by 4 girls in a massive group sex orgy. Cum is splattered everywhere across these 4 hotties when it�s over!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBz/hot_sneaky_yoga_035_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBx/hot_sneaky_yoga_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBA/hot_sneaky_yoga_074_s.jpg

File Name : hot_sneaky_yoga.mp4
File Size : 1951.87 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:44:20

hot_sneaky_yoga.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
hot_sneaky_yoga.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)
hot_sneaky_yoga.mp4.part3.rar (k2s.cc)



This group of three hot highschool girls have a plan to jump the new foreign boy in their school. So they dress up in really hot yoga pants and matching shirts to act like a welcoming and study committee for him. He knocks on the door and the girls already have their video camera rolling. They invite him in and tell him that they want to help him with his English. They start holding up words for him to pronounce, but all of them are of female genitalia. He tries to repeat words like titties, but the girls are more interested in demonstrating what they are. They show him their titties, asses, and pussies after holding up notebooks with the word so that he can connect the word to the real thing. The girls start to demonstrate blowjobs and fucking to him too. Each one of these hotties lays back on the couch and lets him get a turn inside their hot American pussies. They feel great about helping this newcomer in the land of free. He is enjoying this x-rated hooked on phonics lesson. His excitement over the English language is only shadowed by the excitement of fucking three hot American girls. This excitement explodes in the form of jizzum which is the the universal symbol for the feeling of aaaaahhhhhhh yeah.


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBD/lust_in_translation_028_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBC/lust_in_translation_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBG/lust_in_translation_056_s.jpg

File Name : lust_in_translation.mp4
File Size : 2470.36 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:56:14

lust_in_translation.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
lust_in_translation.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)
lust_in_translation.mp4.part3.rar (k2s.cc)



It was Mardi Gras and the girls just wanna have some fun! Two of the girls were out drinking, flashing, kissing and having some fun in public! They went home and met the other girls were they fucked around and made out, licking each other titties! Then they went to the streets to see who could collect more beads - thats when they met these two studs who had a ton of beads to give away! The girls flashed their tits and flirted with them to get as many beads as possible! As soon as they got back home, they wasted no time, stripping completely and messing around with each other and eventually tag teaming these two big dicks! These sluts got fucked real good - these best friends even licked each others pussies while they were being pounded into! In the end they all received loads to their pretty faces and earned every single bead around their necks!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBK/mardi_gras_052_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBI/mardi_gras_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBJ/mardi_gras_139_s.jpg

File Name : mardi_gras.mp4
File Size : 1984.53 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:45:04

mardi_gras.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
mardi_gras.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)
mardi_gras.mp4.part3.rar (k2s.cc)



Kelsey Kage was headed off to college. Her best friend Maddie Winters was going to come over to see her off. Kelsey low key had a crush on Maddie all her life. She wants to try and make something happen before she goes away. As they were chatting in Kelseys hot room, the girls took off their shirts, then things started to get real. Kelsey admitted her love for Maddie, and it turns out she also felt the same way. The girls began to kiss and fool around for a little then relocated to the other room. Kelsey's stepmom Alissa Avni got wind of what was going on with the girls. She was surprisingly not mad! She supported the girls and offered to teach them a few things. This ordeal turned into a freaky lesbian threeway where friendship meets family. It does not get much hotter than this!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBS/my_first_girlfriend_013_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBQ/my_first_girlfriend_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBT/my_first_girlfriend_055_s.jpg

File Name : my_first_girlfriend.mp4
File Size : 1869.3 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:42:20

my_first_girlfriend.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
my_first_girlfriend.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)
my_first_girlfriend.mp4.part3.rar (k2s.cc)



Everyone knows sorority girls are usually super bitches, and these girls are no exception, especially when its time to haze a new pledge. Shane comes from a super wealthy family, and is known to get around. These seasoned sorority bitches plan on exploiting her with every little piece of gossip they can find. As soon as she gets to the house, right away they start verbally abusing her, and bring the intimidation on strong. They blindfold her and make her finger their pussies, trying to guess which girl it is just by the taste. If she gets it wrong, shes getting slapped. After that, they begin to feed her some pussy. Shane doesnt know what to do or think, but she realizes it might be best to act strong and above this bullshit. Once she steps to the plate, she takes it like a real woman and embraces anything and everything these girls try to do to psych her out. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU SHANE!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBX/my_first_pledge_033_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBW/my_first_pledge_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/B/7dmBY/my_first_pledge_066_s.jpg

File Name : my_first_pledge.mp4
File Size : 1742.74 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:39:26

my_first_pledge.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
my_first_pledge.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)



Lily, Eden, and Joseline are bringing in the new year right! The second the clock struck midnight, these besties were ready to fucked. Instead of walking into the new year with their right foot, they thought it might be better to just have some cock instead. Lily and Eden took turns sucking and fucking while Joseline downed heavy doses of champagne and cheered them on. The best part of this new years was the pop of course. Just as our boys nutted all over Lily and Eden, Joseline came through with the faux firework at almost the same exact time. This new years has definitely been one hell of a BANGER. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmC4/new_years_eve_party_033_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmC3/new_years_eve_party_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmC6/new_years_eve_party_068_s.jpg

File Name : new_years_eve_party.mp4
File Size : 1611.74 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:36:35

new_years_eve_party.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
new_years_eve_party.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)



Three hot best friends signed up for a sexy far east photoshoot via an online casting site. They showed up not only wowed by the ninja costumes and set up, but also by the hot guy who would be photographing them. They decided they wanted to have some fun with him, so they laid him back on the couch and took turns sucking his fat cock. They then took turns riding him while the other friends masturbated on the couch to the orgasmic imagery. These chicks are masters of cock kung fu! We can tell by the massive whopper of jizz that erupted for them. One of the friends got the brunt of it, but had no problem sharing it with her besties by means of kissing! What a lovely friendship these young ladies have.


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmC9/ninjas_086_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmC7/ninjas_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCa/ninjas_248_s.jpg

File Name : ninjas.mp4
File Size : 2689.34 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 01:00:56

ninjas.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
ninjas.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)
ninjas.mp4.part3.rar (k2s.cc)



These hot model besties all played hooky from their shoot for a day of fun. What was on the agenda? PILLOW FIGHT! They had the comfiest and most fluffy bed they could ever wish for and the most feathery pillows in the world. It was surprisingly a great stress and tension reliever, but something was still missing. It turns out what they really needed was some thick, hard, pulsating penis. These hot besties took turns sucking and getting fucked by it with great candor, leaving none of their sweet holes untouched. They were a bit sad when some of the jizz missed their faces and hit the pillow, so looks like no more pillow fighting. But after a fuck session like this, we think a nap might be a better choice ;).


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCe/pillow_fight_029_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCc/pillow_fight_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCf/pillow_fight_069_s.jpg

File Name : pillow_fight.mp4
File Size : 1259.47 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:28:32

pillow_fight.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
pillow_fight.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)



Poke Man is back at it again! This time, hes got a special mission. He is trying to catch all of the Pokehoes he can so they can be trained to be the best in the nation. He gets his trainer gear on and hits the park. After just under an hour, Poke Man was able to capture a Pikahoe, a Gigglymuff, and a Cuntizard. When he releases them back at the house, those Pokehoes were a little scared. He calmed them quickly, and explained all they had to do was please their Poke Master. These Pokehoes were destined for this task. First they all take turns sucking Poke Mans great rod, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Then they all took turns fucking it too. No gym leader will be a match for these Pokehoes! For good measure, he equips all three of them with his mystic man water. Time to continue on the journey!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCj/pokemon_037_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCi/pokemon_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCl/pokemon_063_s.jpg

File Name : pokemon.mp4
File Size : 1270.74 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:28:47

pokemon.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
pokemon.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)



Megan and her posse have been trying hard as fuck to move up on their cheerleading squad, but their coach just doesn't seem to fuck with them too heavy. The girls decided to take matters into their own hands and went to coaches house for their own private tryout. They cheered their hearts out, but coach was still not impressed. That's when Megan pulled out her special routine. She got on her knees and crawled over to coaches cock. She pulled it out and started to suck. That's when coach realized that Megan had the devotion that every good cheerleader needs, and if they were smart they would follow her lead. The girls took his advice, skipped on over, and started to suck. Coach was content, but whoever wanted to be captain had to have the tightest pussy. Coach stuck his pecker in each one of these little angels, and damn was the competition tough. It came down to the nut, but they all took it so gracefully. Looks like the cheer squad is going to have three co-captains this season ;).


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCn/private_tryouts_029_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCm/private_tryouts_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/d/m/C/7dmCo/private_tryouts_089_s.jpg

File Name : private_tryouts.mp4
File Size : 1794.08 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:40:38

private_tryouts.mp4.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
private_tryouts.mp4.part2.rar (k2s.cc)


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