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Just 18+ Teens

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Burn Book
Sometimes girls in high school can be mean, and when they want to be mean, they get together and write mean things in burn books. Penelope White, Natalie Brooks, and Skylar Valentine are no exception. They get together to read some of the stuff they put down, and soon find themselves cracking up over some of the disses. They even make fun of each others blowjob skills. Little do they know, our stud is listening to every word they read. When he reveals he heard it all, they are eager to prove that they really can suck dick, regardless of what the burn book says. They all put on blindfolds while our stud whips out his huge man meat. They lick and suck a little, and then they take their blindfolds off and are shocked by how big it is. They continue the job together, showing they know what they are doing after all. Then they strip down and line up their pussies for some massive ramming. Finally, he splats his cum all over their faces, and these girls have proven their prowess. Looks like this burn book turned out to be more productive than expected!

https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/l/z/79lz7/burn_book_125_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/l/z/79lz4/burn_b00k_fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/l/z/79lza/burn_book_027_s.jpg


File Name : burn_b00k_fu11.mp4
File Size : 2038.51 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:46:16

burn_b00k_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
burn_b00k_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
burn_b00k_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)



Johnny Castle is grooming his son to become CEO of his company one day. The first lesson is dont just have one assistant, have three, and if possible make sure they are all different ethnicities. Adrian Hush, Sarah Banks and Sami Parker are all standing in the corner, waiting for his command. The second rule seems to be, make sure that the assistants are willing to assist with more than just paperwork. And if they happen to be interns, even better because they are more likely to do as they are told. Mr. Castle fucks the hell out of all three of them, filling their holes atop a filing cabinet. He makes the girls tease his son by flicking their panties at him. Before they were interns maybe they were cheerleaders because they sure know how to build a human pyramid. He really shows his son how to take care of business when he finishes and cums in the girls mouths. They are on the hands and knees, worshipping his cock and sharing his load. His son might become CEO one day but for now, it feels good to be the king of this castle.


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/x/U/79xUm/intern_affairs_029_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/x/U/79xUp/int3rn__ff_ir__fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/x/U/79xUn/intern_affairs_147_s.jpg

File Name : int3rn_@ff@ir$_fu11.mp4
File Size : 2580.17 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:58:48

int3rn_@ff@ir$_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
int3rn_@ff@ir$_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
int3rn_@ff@ir$_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)




https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/y/4/79y4p/piss_in_mouth55.wmv_snapshot_17.36.516_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/y/4/79y4n/piss_in_mouth55_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/y/4/79y4o/piss_in_mouth55.wmv_snapshot_11.20.370_s.jpg

File Name : piss_in_mouth55.wmv
File Size : 625.54 MB
Resolution : 720x540
Duration : 00:28:01

piss_in_mouth55.wmv.part1.rar (file.al)
piss_in_mouth55.wmv.part2.rar (file.al)
piss_in_mouth55.wmv.part1.rar (k2s.cc)
piss_in_mouth55.wmv.part2.rar (k2s.cc)



Sailor Luna, Kyra Rose, and Alexa Nova were ready for their bi-yearly pajama party! There was going to be drinks, snacks, and of course the cutest and most girliest shenanigans. The girls started dancing sexually for each other and spraying whipped cream everywhere. Sailor even licked some cream off Kyras tits! These girls were wild. Just as the fun really started they caught Kyras stepbrother spying on them. He was fucked now, literally! The girls pulled him into the room and instead of shaming him they each took turns fucking his brains out. This was the most wild and cum filled pajama party to date!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Boh/pajama_party2_063_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/t/79Bti/p_j_w__p_rtu2_fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Bon/pajama_party2_176_s.jpg

File Name : p@j@w@_p@rtu2_fu11.mp4
File Size : 2282.7 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:52:01

p@j@w@_p@rtu2_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
p@j@w@_p@rtu2_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
p@j@w@_p@rtu2_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)



Poonjab Special
Audrey Royal, Sophia Leone, and Monica Sage are smoking hot muslim besties getting ready for their first ever bachelorette party. Even though their religion is quite conservative, they still think this will be a fun event. Little did they know that a built male stripper would soon be tempting them with his body. As soon as he arrived the girls practically pulled him in by his cock. He started dancing seductively and the girls were a bit shy and inexperienced at first, but when they saw how much this male stripper was into it they began to break free. Soon they were sucking and fucking like any average slut. The only difference was their hijabs stayed on the whole time and they would beg their spiritual leader for forgiveness once this was all over.


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79BoI/poonjab_special_080_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/t/79Btn/p00nj_b__p3ki_1_fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Bow/poonjab_special_140_s.jpg

File Name : p00nj@b_$p3ki@1_fu11.mp4
File Size : 2153.29 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:49:03

p00nj@b_$p3ki@1_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
p00nj@b_$p3ki@1_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
p00nj@b_$p3ki@1_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)



penalty cum shot
Watching the girls soccer team practice in the park after school is a great idea, but filming it is even better. Ricky and Kyle train their lens on the sexy coeds as they stretch out and warm up. In their tight gym shorts and knee high socks, the girls limber up with deep lunges, offering the guys a perfect view from behind. When the ball rolls a little too close to the guys, their cover is blown. The girls ask about the video camera but they dont seem to mind being watched by the guys. Thinking fast, the guys invite the girls to come over and hang and they accept. The girls have skill on the field, but they show off different skills in the backyard, shaking their asses and twerking against the fence. After all the girls left, Aspen and Riley came back knocking on the door. They wanted to hang out some more. They strip out of their shorts and invite the guys to come play. The guys don�t hesitate to whip out their cocks and feed them to the girls, still wearing their jerseys and knee high socks. They swap back and forth, fucking them both senseless in every position they can think of. It�s a good thing the girls warmed up beforehand.


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Boi/penalty_cum_shot_116_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/t/79Bts/p3n_1tu_kuw__x0t_fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Bo8/penalty_cum_shot_162_s.jpg

File Name : p3n@1tu_kuw_$x0t_fu11.mp4
File Size : 2762.14 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 01:02:59

p3n@1tu_kuw_$x0t_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
p3n@1tu_kuw_$x0t_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
p3n@1tu_kuw_$x0t_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)
p3n@1tu_kuw_$x0t_fu11.p@rt4.rar (k2s.cc)



pussy palace
Harmony Winters was meeting up with some of the lead girls in her new sorority. She was so excited. She came through the door and got greeted by Kylie Martin and Athena Rayne. Welcome to the Pussy Palace! Harmony was going to have to make sure she followed the rules if she wanted to get approval from her peers. Rule number one was to get fucked! Boy was that forward. Harmony was sure to keep that in mind as they began to play tit cup, which is just like flip cup instead you use your tits to flip. After that, the human dildo was brought in, but Harmony had to practice rule number two before she could practice rule number one. Thou shall not suck the dick if he does not lick the clit! The human dildo made sure to eat out all the girls one by one until they were all taken care of. They then shared the cock orally and practiced on of the final rules which was absolutely no condoms! Once they each got their holes poked raw this rule could be checked off as followed. The final rule was to swallow the kids bitch! Suck that cum leaving no trace of any risky behavior and you can now call yourself a legit Pussy Palace Princess. You go girl!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Boc/pussy_palace_163_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/t/79Btl/pu__u_p_1_k3_fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Bol/pussy_palace_247_s.jpg

File Name : pu$$u_p@1@k3_fu11.mp4
File Size : 2400.51 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:54:40

pu$$u_p@1@k3_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
pu$$u_p@1@k3_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
pu$$u_p@1@k3_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)



pussy pranking
Daisy Stone, Victoria Gracen, and Zoe parker thought they were in for a fun girls get together, but her devious stepbrother had a prank war planned. Daisy went to go grab some snacks and her stepbro abruptly popped out and scared the shit out of her. This was only going to get worse. Stepbro then took them some chocolate sandwich cookies and swapped the cream for toothpaste. The girls were disgusted and started to get pissed. When the girls got super chill stepbro then took the next step and hit them with the good old whip cream in the hand prank. The girls woke up covered in the sweet white cream, and they were pissed because it was not the fun kind ;) Stepbro was then held captive by the girls and told to strip. The girls then used his stiff cock to pleasure their throats and pussies. It was an odd form of payback, but in the end they got the cream they truly desired so all is well on the homefront.


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79BoB/pussy_pranking_095_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/t/79Btm/pu__u_pr_nkin9_fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79BoD/pussy_pranking_154_s.jpg

File Name : pu$$u_pr@nkin9_fu11.mp4
File Size : 2639.35 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 01:00:09

pu$$u_pr@nkin9_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
pu$$u_pr@nkin9_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
pu$$u_pr@nkin9_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)



purrrfect pussies
Jade Nile, Karla Kush, and Kimber Woods are super excited while getting ready for Comic Con, but little do they know, they are all dressing up as the same slutty kitty! Not really sure what comic character they are trying to imitate, but clearly there is very little originality in this bunch of comic nerds. To solve the problem, they ask our stud to be something of a costume judge. Whichever girl looks most like a cat gets to keep her costume. He tells them to show him how well they can act like cats, and before you know it, these girls are rolling around on the floor like a bunch of furry felines. When he finally whips out his cock, the girls take to it like its cat nip. He has a string tied around it, so they play with it before taking it in their mouths like it is meow mix. Then they line their tight pussy cats up to be penetrated by this studs big brown dog. Who won in the end? It seems like they are all winners this time!


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Bo4/purrrfect_pussies_095_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/t/79Btq/purrrf3kt_pu__i3__fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Bo6/purrrfect_pussies_139_s.jpg

File Name : purrrf3kt_pu$$i3$_fu11.mp4
File Size : 2296.38 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:52:01

purrrf3kt_pu$$i3$_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
purrrf3kt_pu$$i3$_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
purrrf3kt_pu$$i3$_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)



Hitting the high seas with Captain Dick is one of Blair Williams favorite pastimes. This time, shes bringing her besties, Vienna, and Zoey, along. Theyre so excited when they see his big boat anchored at the dock. They all hop on, and the obvious boat references quickly start to fly. Boats and hoes, Im on a boat� we get it girls, you have access to YouTube. But as soon as they get out into open waters, all land laws are out the window. They take their tops off and start making out with each other with the coast barely in view. Then they hit the poopdeck and let Captain Dick sink them with his pink torpedo. These girls arent afraid of getting wet, but they end up sucking Captain Dick dry. Jack Sparrow never got this kind of play.


https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Bos/moby_dicked_083_s.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/t/79Btj/w0bu_dikk3d_fu11_0.jpg https://ist5-2.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/4/9/4/2/49422/7/9/B/o/79Bob/moby_dicked_105_s.jpg

File Name : w0bu_dikk3d_fu11.mp4
File Size : 1845.97 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:42:03

w0bu_dikk3d_fu11.p@rt1.rar (k2s.cc)
w0bu_dikk3d_fu11.p@rt2.rar (k2s.cc)
w0bu_dikk3d_fu11.p@rt3.rar (k2s.cc)


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